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Family Owned

Murrays Nurseries (2011) Ltd is a very proud family owned and operated business, it was originally established in 1961 by Maurice Murray.

Today the business is operated by his son Patrick Murray, which incorporates 38ha of land and produced 1
5,7 million Pinus Radiata seedlings in 2023. 

Ordering Tree Stock

With pine seedlings in high demand ordering your tree stock in advance is necessary. We accept orders for over 1,000 seedlings.  Contact us to place your order

Employment Applications

  • Applications will be available on the employment page for 2024

  • the Field work team - lifting and grading.

  • Great income - get paid for what you achieve every day!

Pinus radiata seedlings supplied direct to farmers and forest growers within New Zealand.

As a solely Pinus radiata seedling nursery we are focused on growing the best quality pine tree stocks for New Zealand farmers and Forestry.. Our seedlings are grown to exacting customer specifications and harvested on demand in our bareroot nursery, located in Woodville, New Zealand.

Our inhouse development of a globally unique production system incorporating RTK GPS. Providing a high level of automation, which enables us to remain at the forefront of industry. Providing New Zealand farmers and foresters with 15.7 million pine seedlings in 2023, with a forecast of 16.5 million seedling for 2024.

In 2022 we established Energize Technology Limited to focus on further development of new nursery propagation and harvest technologies including robotics. 

If you would like to order Pinus radiata seedling, please contact us.

TV One Seven Sharp

In our 2022 season our team of seedling field lifters were featured on TV One’s Seven Sharp on 30 July 2022 "Seasonal work most of us never knew existed pays off for young Kiwi"... click here
Our employment applications are closed for our 2023 season. 



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